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Numbers Spreadsheet APP for Mac

Why do so many startups use Apple iMacs or MacBook Pros?On Excel: Excel is the best tool ever produced by Microsoft (and as pointed out by Nick in the comments below, Excel started initially on Mac). I have a lot of respect for this tool: it can do a lot beyond just spreadsheets, such as database like operations (pivot tables, big data crunching…). However, my point was that the initial needs of my startup were better met by Numbers (due to its superior presentation ability); and in the end, we went for Google spreadsheet, because of its collaborative capabilities coupled with its ability to import data from other spreadsheets (a la OLE/DDE if you remember these things). Of course, Google spreadsheets do not run exclusively on Macs.

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Internet Technologies & Gadgets


More than half of the global population does not have access to the “worldwide” web. Up to now, the internet is mainly an urban phenomenon, especially in “developing” countries. Telecommunication companies are usually reluctant to extend their network outside cities due to a combination of high infrastructure costs, low population density, limited ability to pay for services, and an unreliable or non-existent electricity infrastructure. Even in remote regions of “developed” countries, internet connectivity isn’t always available.

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What Is the Internet of Things?

Technology in 2015 – the new gadgets coming your way

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3D-Printed Food

Edible Growth: 3D-Printed Living Food That Grows before You Eat It

Chloé Rutzerveld is a Dutch food designer who combines aspects of science, technology and nature to think up new ways to make our food more efficient, healthy and sustainable. She communicates her ideas though speculative design probes and experimental dinners in which she uses food as a medium to communicate and discuss these thoughts and socio-cultural food related issues with the public. Her passion for food and fascination for nature and the human body are the thriving forces behind everything she does.

After graduating with Cum Laude for the Industrial Design bachelor in 2014, at the Eindhoven University of Technology, she started working as food designer. To gain more technical and practical experience in gastronomy and sensory experience she currently participates in advanced culinary programs and collaborates with scientists and chefs.

Edible Growth, one of the latests works about the creation of healthy and sustainable 3D-printed living food, is exhibited and featured all over the world, nominated for several awards and the main topic of the 2015 TEDx talk.



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Meet The Lily Camera

Video Capture Technology

The Lily Camera is the latest addition to the jaw-dropping array of drones on the market. The only downer about this new unmanned aerial vehicle is you probably aren’t allowed to use it if you live in Canada.

Meet Lily: The world’s coolest drone that you probably aren’t allowed to use
The latest in drone technology is perfect for living in the middle of nowhere
By Erin Obourn, CBC News Posted: May 15, 2015 1:59 PM ET Last Updated: May 15, 2015 1:59 PM ET

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What is HTML5?

Line of marching ants with 11 different ant images

HTML5 explained using “Rich Media”:

What is Rich Media?

Rich Media lets agencies create complex ads that can elicit strong user response. Using Flash or HTML5 technology, the ads can include multiple levels of content in one placement: videos, games, tweets from an ad, etc. If you have a simple objective to generate clicks or a more ambitious goal to create brand awareness, Rich Media is the format to go with.

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Cloud Based Aviation Technical Library

ATP Knowledge™ platformATP Cloud Based Technical Publication

ATP is a global information services company offering premier productivity, compliance and safety solutions to the General Aviation industry. ATP’s 40 years of industry leading innovation has produced the ATP Knowledge™ information service platform, the premier productivity and safety solution, and continues to set the pace for the adoption of best practices in the aviation industry. – See more at:

Serving the Maintenance Ecosystem

Serving the general aviation maintenance ecosystem, the ATP Knowledge platform offers enhanced solutions to keep aircraft safe and airworthy. Promoting a culture of compliance and safety, the ATP Knowledge™ platform empowers maintenance professionals and regulators to efficiently manage the maintenance and airworthiness of aircraft in order to meet mandatory business requirements. Additionally, the ATP Knowledge™ platform facilitates collaboration and enables information exchanges and commerce between manufacturers, maintenance organizations, operators, regulators and schools.

– See more at:

Cloud Computing

Simply put, “cloud computing” is defined as a service provided over the Internet. Anyone who has ever used Facebook or accessed email online has used cloud computing. In both of these examples, the application and the data are accessed over the Internet as a service without being installed on a PC or local network.

All software and information are stored remotely and managed by the cloud-based service provider, so users (including their company IT departments) don’t have to worry about security, data corruption caused by viruses, computer theft, equipment malfunctions or software glitches. The provider of the service manages and updates all information stored online.

Cloud computing also protects critical data from the risks associated with any variety of disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes or long-term power failures at your place of business. User information is safely stored in a secure, remote location rather than on a computer hard-drive or business network server. Data and services can always be accessed wherever and whenever an Internet connection is available.