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Aviation and Aeronautics Career Guide

Job Titles (English)

  • Solutions architect
  • Avionics assembler
  • Structural designer
  • Draftsman-designer
  • Profile trimmer
  • Propulsion engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Mill operator
  • Machinist
  • Aeronautics painter
  • Avionics technician
  • Aeronautic mechanical
  • Quality supervisor
  • Program manager
  • Software engineer
  • Assembler/Finisher
  • Business Development and Sales- Aerospace
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Flammability Analyst
  • Flight Controls System Specialist
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Specialist
  • Project Coordinator
  • Safety Engineering Specialist

Job Titles (French)

  • Acheteur
  • Administrateur de contrat
  • Agent de liaison
  • Agent de méthodes
  • Agent logistique
  • Architecte de solutions
  • Assembleur aéronautique
  • Assembleur électrique
  • Assembleur en aérostructure
  • Avionique / avec ou sans licence E
  • Câbleur aéronautique
  • Concepteur de structures
  • Concepteur d’outillage
  • Concepteur mécanique
  • Dessinateur concepteur
  • Ébavureur
  • Électromécanicien
  • Estimateur
  • Gestionnaire de projet
  • Ingénieur aéronautique
  • Ingénieur avionique
  • Ingénieur commande de vol électrique
  • Ingénieur électrique
  • Ingénieur en propulsion
  • Ingénieur hydro-mécanique
  • Ingénieur industriel
  • Ingénieur informatique
  • Ingénieur logiciel
  • Ingénieur mécanique
  • Inspecteur qualité
  • Lamineur
  • Machiniste
  • Mécanicien aéronautique
  • Opérateur
  • Peintre aéronautique
  • Plaqueur
  • Programmeur CNC
  • Rédacteur technique
  • Responsable qualité
  • Soudeur
  • Technicien avionique
  • Technicien de méthodes
  • Vérificateur en chef


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Hungarian Folk Art – Embroidery

Hungarian Embroidery – Magyar Hímzés
Each one of the motifs and colors has its meaning. The only color we find in the oldest embroideries and hand-woven fabrics is red, which was primarily used to express joy, passion and high spirits. In the old days, red was considered to have a protective power: it was associated with life and blood, fire which gives or takes life, and light. It was believed to protect infants from witches and their evil eye. The red bonnet or headdress worn by brides and young women as part of their folk costume expressed health and youth.

Traditional patterns – Kalocsa pattern

There are a lot of countries all over the world where wearing  local patterns (flowers, curves) has its own tradition.  In Hungary there are  famous patterns:

  • Kalocsai
  • Matyó
  • Kalotaszegi
  • Sárközi

For now Kalocsa pattern is officially the part of our culture. They are hungaricums. Hungaricums are unique hungarian products, specialities, works of art, foods etc that make Hungary famous because you cannot find them anywhere else in the world.

Nowadays Kalocsai pattern gets into fashion, more and more people wear it. Check this on some famous star’s dress:

Kalocsa pattern in Mclaren suit


Download Hungarian Traditional Designs for free!  This PDF file contains 470
clear, crisp black and white Hungarian folk icons, perfect for creating all sorts of
designs for any project from folk embroidery to Hungarian inspired tattoos.


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ReConnect Hungary – Hungarian Birthright Program

ReConnect Hungary

ReConnect Hungary is a unique cultural, educational and social immersion program for young adults aged 18-28 of Hungarian heritage, born in the U.S. or Canada.

American-Hungarian or Hungarian-American? The seven tribes of modern day Hungarians resettling in the U.S.