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Facebook Marketing in 2018


On January 11, 2018, Digiday published an article on Facebook using a graphic showing Mark Zuckerberg in a nuclear cloud indicating that something major was about to happen. Also, Michael Stelzner highlighted many of the recent announcements by Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives in which they are very clearly stating that they are indeed very serious about making some major changes to the algorithm which is determining what posts show up in people’s newsfeeds.

As marketers start creating more and longer videos (or video series), a full 77% of their survey respondents indicated that they plan on increasing their use of video in the next 12 months, Michael Stelzner also suggested that they think more beyond Facebook as well. Marketers should leverage other platforms such as YouTube, etc, for further reach and engagement with their video work so it doesn’t go to waste. On the same theme, but not just related to video marketing, Michael Stelzner said more should go back and revisit LinkedIn that he thinks is doing a lot of cool things now and that it is especially relevant for those with a business audience. Plus, don’t write off Twitter just yet!

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GIFing Your Facebook Timeline Cover – Profile Picture


I created the above Facebook Timeline Cover using PicMonkey’s Facebook Canvas Design and Photoshop

How to set your Facebook profile picture as an animated GIF

FACEBOOK has finally embraced animated GIFs. For the first time, you can set an animated seven-second clip as your profile picture. Here’s how it works.

The new animated Profile Pictures are being trialled in the UK – so don’t expect to see the new GIF-style profile pictures filling your News Feed just yet.

But if you want to test out the new GIF format you need an Apple device running the latest version of iOS and Facebook.

By AARON BROWN  PUBLISHED: 13:35, Tue, Oct 27, 2015 | UPDATED: 13:35, Tue, Oct 27, 2015


Facebook GIF Profile Pictures For Your  Mobile

How to put Animated GIF as facebook Timeline Cover – Profile / Fan page

How To Create a Facebook Video Profile
Facebook Timeline Cover and Profile Image Tutorial – Using Gimp – Part 1
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LinkedIn Images: Personal Vs Company Brand Page

The Right Fit 


Personal Background Image – 1400 x 425 (Recommended)

Maximum size 4MB | JPG, PNG or GIF files only




Banner Image for Brand Pages – 646 x 220 (Minimum)


GET HIRED: How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Gorgeous With Graphics
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Steps to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

You can add a new Company Page only if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile set up with your true first and last name.
  2. Your profile is at least 7 days old.
  3. Your profile strength must be listed as Intermediate or All Star.
  4. You must have several connections on your profile.
  5. You’re a current company employee and your position is listed in the Experience section on your profile.
  6. You have a company email address (e.g. added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account.
  7. Your company’s email domain is unique to the company.
  8. Note: A domain can’t be used more than once to create a Company Page. Because domains like, or similar generic email services are not unique to one company, those domains can’t be used to create a Company Page. You might consider creating a group if your company doesn’t have a unique email domain.   To publish your Company Page you must include a company description (250-2000 characters including spaces), and company website URL.

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

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Follow the Leader: Think with Google


Need some stats for a presentation? You shouldn’t have to go data mining. We’ve created this interactive tool to help you quickly find what you need from our vast archives of industry-leading research. It’ll even help you tell a story from the stats, turning selected charts and data points into infographics that you can share.

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Getting Creative With Your ASCII Codes ✔ツ

  • to enhance Email subject headings with symbols ツ 웃.
  • to use as text art ᓋ 
  • to use as an icon on a web page.   ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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Überflip: How to Create the Ultimate Interactive eBook



eBook sample: