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Getting Started with Google Analytics

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April 21st is the day when Google changes its algorithm

Mobilizing Your Website

1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results
Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.
2. More relevant app content in search results
Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed.

Finding more mobile-friendly search results

How do I make my site mobile friendly?

My site is hosted on

If you host your site on (e.g., good news!

WordPress automatically presents a mobile-friendly theme for your site depending on your current installed theme and the mobile platform of the visitor. More information can be found WordPress’ mobile theme support page.

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Google Maps | Business View – Street View for your Business

Google Maps Business View let customers see inside

Montreal Google Maps Business View Agents

Vous vous demandez à quoi ressemble une entreprise vue de l’intérieur avant de vous déplacer? Avec Google Photos d’ Entreprise, c’est maintenant possible.

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Google’s SEO Starter Guide

I found the Google SEO Starter Guide, here you go……..

SEO is all about selecting KEY WORDS :)


Table of Contents

  1. SEO Basics
  2. Create unique, accurate page titles
  3. Make use of the “description” meta tag
  4. Improving Site Structure
  5. Improve the structure of your URLs
  6. Make your site easier to navigate
  7. Optimizing Content
  8. Offer quality content and services
  9. Write better anchor text
  10. Optimize your use of images
  11. Use heading tags appropriately
  12. Dealing with Crawlers
  13. Make effective use of robots.txt
  14. Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links
  15. SEO for Mobile Phones
  16. Notify Google of mobile sites
  17. Guide mobile users accurately
  18. Promotions and Analysis
  19. Promote your website in the right ways
  20. Make use of free webmaster tool
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The Moz Blog: Mr Mustache

But I Have to Buy Links, Ads, and Exposure, Because My Customers Won’t Amplify My Content – Whiteboard Friday

Moz Blog

 When you do, when you figure out the kind of content marketing and production and amplification, whether that’s through social or through blogs or through conferences or whatever it might be, when you figure out how that system works, you can get a flywheel going that gets you more and more exposure to these folks and higher and higher rankings in the search engines. As you build up your domain authority, as you start to produce content directly for your customers that will influence them, it ranks in the engines




The organic flywheel system; I look good making you look good.
PS I'm a Howdy Moz fan :)
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Face Your Fears

Great SEO summary and explanation, it describes the 7 main SEO components.

Face Your Fears.

 +  My Two Cents


FYI, Cnd. penny is now phased out, but 2 billion of them are still floating around. 

Note: if you don’t know what HTML looks like? simply right click and select: view page source.

veiw page sourceright click selectionpage source  viola HTML code

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code is your internet browser’s language and the output is what you see.  This is why selecting optimal keywords for your content is important, Googlebots crawl your HTML page and not your “web browser’s page”.  Like your car, it’s important to look under the hood once in awhile 🙂 

What is a responsive website? It’s one where the text reflows according to the device reading it, something like what e-pub does for books.  Here is a simple test using your PC, select the restore down button and if the text doesn’t reflow, it’s not responsive.

I choose a responsive WordPress theme, can you tell???? 🙂

ResponsiveThe Twenty Fourteen Theme