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Hungarian Embroidered Wedding Dress

Hungarian Embroidery

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Montreal – Beaconsfield Classic British Car Show

Montreal car show

Beaconsfield Classic British Car Show

Admission is free. Everyone welcome.

About the Club

The Montreal MG Car Club was established in 1952. We are one of the oldest MG clubs in North America. Although the club became inactive in the 60’s it was ‘re-energized’ in 1996 with 5 of the original members and we now have an active core of over 40 paid-up members. We are a fully affiliated chapter of the New England MG T Register.

The core of the club now drive MGB’s, but quite a few of our members also own T-Series or MGA’s. We are not too big on Vintage MG’s but we do have members with a 1931 model D, a member with two supercharged TC’s and a J2, and a member with a fully restored 1934 PA. An out-of-town member has two YT’s including one of the rare (6 only known) TD-based YT.

The MMGCC meets every 2nd Wednesday of each month, either with a meeting or an event. (Please click on the EVENTS link for the location) We meet at about 6:30 (happy hour) and our meeting begins between 7:00 and 7:30.

We would love to hear from fellow enthusiasts, especially if you’re intending to visit Montreal.

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Condolence Gift Idea

My friend’s mom recently passed away and was not with us this Mother’s Day.  I attended the funeral service and took a few photos of the memorial display.  When I got home I noticed this damaged vintage laminated photo image and with Photoshop I gave it new life.  My expression of sympathy:

Photo Retouching

Bella CaseyRT2

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102-year-old dancer watches herself on film for the 1st time

Harlem Renaissance of the 1930s and 40s

102-year-old dancer watches herself on film for the 1st time

Thanks to filmmakers, Alice Barker finally saw herself dance via iPad, and said it was ‘just fabulous’