Recording Your Computer Screen

7 Mistakes to Avoid When You Record Your Computer Screen


Mistake #1 – Have too many programs running

Mistake #2 – Forget to turn on your mic

Mistake #3 –  Stumble over your passwords

Mistake #4 – Forget you have a roommate

Mistake #5 – Get ‘dinged’ every two minutes

Mistake #6 – Go too fast

Mistake #7 – Wing it


Work Stations

Inspiring Work Station

Janey Does Blogging

Our work areas say a lot about us don’t they? Here’s a peek at one part of Janey’s work station.


So what does this say about me, hmm? For one thing, I am truly appreciated by the partner I’ve worked with for almost 17 years. That’s the “AWESOME” cubed card if you couldn’t guess.

Then there’s my off kilter humor – the coffee quip illustrates it nicely. Plus I have quotes from a couple of my favorite writers prominently displayed so I recognize that I need to be inspired throughout my day – don’t we all?

Finally, my “Is this the life or what!” sign and the reminder to breathe in AND out reflect the daily struggle to function and remain as positive as possible.

Hmm, I like that – I may have to make a new sign for my cube wall.


Has a nice ring…

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