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ReConnect Hungary – Hungarian Birthright Program

ReConnect Hungary

ReConnect Hungary is a unique cultural, educational and social immersion program for young adults aged 18-28 of Hungarian heritage, born in the U.S. or Canada.

American-Hungarian or Hungarian-American? The seven tribes of modern day Hungarians resettling in the U.S.

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Eat Well on $4/Day


I read in the Winnipeg Free Press…

Good and Cheap is a cookbook for people with very tight budgets, particularly those on SNAP/Food Stamp benefits.

Good and Cheap: How to Eat Well on $4 a Day

This cookbook is available for a free download at The PDF is free and has been downloaded more than 800,000 times.


A food-studies scholar and avid home cook in NYC by way of Canada.
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3D-Printed Food

Edible Growth: 3D-Printed Living Food That Grows before You Eat It

Chloé Rutzerveld is a Dutch food designer who combines aspects of science, technology and nature to think up new ways to make our food more efficient, healthy and sustainable. She communicates her ideas though speculative design probes and experimental dinners in which she uses food as a medium to communicate and discuss these thoughts and socio-cultural food related issues with the public. Her passion for food and fascination for nature and the human body are the thriving forces behind everything she does.

After graduating with Cum Laude for the Industrial Design bachelor in 2014, at the Eindhoven University of Technology, she started working as food designer. To gain more technical and practical experience in gastronomy and sensory experience she currently participates in advanced culinary programs and collaborates with scientists and chefs.

Edible Growth, one of the latests works about the creation of healthy and sustainable 3D-printed living food, is exhibited and featured all over the world, nominated for several awards and the main topic of the 2015 TEDx talk.



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Words From Super Centenarians

Ruth Hamilton

Ruth Hamilton

At age 109, Ruth became the world’s oldest blogger, filing video blogs under the screen name of Ruth1898.Ruth Hamilton was a remarkable woman who loved every day and was eager to embrace anything new. That’s why she became the oldest member of an online social network. Over her last year, Ruth shared her wisdom through dozens of video blogs with members of Growing Bolder.

Onie Ponder
Onie Ponder, world’s 21st oldest person, dies at 112


Words of Wisdom From a Super Centenarian


Dorothy Johnson

100 Year Old Says Giving Back is Her Secret of Longevity

What’s Dorothy Johnson’s secret to becoming a centenarian? She says since a very young age, she’s been passionate about making a difference in the world around her.

As she celebrates her 100th birthday in style and surrounded by friends and loved ones, Dorothy looks back on her extraordinary life, including graduating from college at a time when many African-Americans, let alone women, achieved such accomplishments. Dorothy was also one of the first African-American women to serve overseas in the U.S. Armed Forces. She describes the extraordinary wartime mission she embarked on that made a huge difference in the lives of soldiers.

Watch her passionately speak about the importance of marking your own mark on the world and you’ll be inspired to live a life of purpose and passion.

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Self Management Model: Buurtzorg

The History of Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg Nederland was founded in 2006 by Jos de Blok and a small team of professional nurses who were dissatisfied with the delivery of health care by traditional home care organizations in the Netherlands. Together they decided to create a new model of patientcentered care focused on facilitating and maintaining independence and autonomy for the individual for as long as possible.

“I believe in client-centered care, with nursing that is independent and collaborative” said Jos de Blok, Director and CEO, Buurtzorg Nederland, “The community-based nurse should have a central role – after all they know best how they can support specific circumstances for the client.”

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The Little League® Urban Initiative will receive $50,000 from Honda

If the video below gets the most views…Honda will donate $50,000 to the Little League Urban Initiative.

Found on Time Waster Videos.

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Greener Alternative Christmas: Treezmas

TreezmasRent-a-Christmas-Tree Lets Paris Firs Live to See Another Year

The brainchild of four school buddies, the greener alternative allows families to order a live tree online for home delivery, which is collected and replanted in the new year. The venture, Treezmas, conceived over drinks two years ago, seeks to cut the piles of discarded trees in France, where about 4.8 million firs aged five to 10 years get chopped, shipped and dumped within five weeks each year. At Treezmas, the trees come in a pot, with a name — Arnold was the most popular this year – – an identity card and a chance at a second life in the forest.

Treezmas is part of a growing trend of such home-delivery and replanting ventures, mirroring similar efforts by Ecosapin in Switzerland and the Original Living Christmas Tree Co. in Eugene,Oregon. The companies are trying to address a Christmas contradiction: consumers worrying about waste and environmental damage, while also wanting a real tree under which to place their gifts for a traditional experience.

Currently, online rentals are a minor part of the 1.6 billion-euro ($2 billion) industry in Europe and will remain so for “some years to come,” said Claus Jerram Christensen, president of the Christmas Tree Grower Council Europe, with about 9,000 tree growers. “Going out with kids to buy a Christmas tree, you don’t get that experience on the Internet.”