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Smartpens For Smartphones

Digital pens are a great tool for taking notes or sketches in situations that limit the use of a laptop or tablet because they are less intrusive in classrooms and meetings. In addition, the portability of digital pens make them great for collecting information in situations that would be difficult or impossible for laptops or tablets…

Livescribe Smartpen 3 review


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Meet The Lily Camera

Video Capture Technology

The Lily Camera is the latest addition to the jaw-dropping array of drones on the market. The only downer about this new unmanned aerial vehicle is you probably aren’t allowed to use it if you live in Canada.

Meet Lily: The world’s coolest drone that you probably aren’t allowed to use
The latest in drone technology is perfect for living in the middle of nowhere
By Erin Obourn, CBC News Posted: May 15, 2015 1:59 PM ET Last Updated: May 15, 2015 1:59 PM ET

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Fresco Art: From Mural to Memorial

Fresco Art
Fresco Art

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Free Photo Frames

There is a bunch of formats supporting transparency, just JPEG isn’t one of ’em. GIF and PNG-8 both use color palettes, and support transparency only in the form ON or OFF (you select which color should be transparent). Service10

Memorial Service9 Memorial Service6

Memorial Service5Memorial Cardmemorial



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Best Flip Book Software of 2015

Best Flip Book Software


Flip PDF provides a quick and easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning Flash & HTML5 publications that run on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone), with amazing page flip animations and sound! Imagine being able to create digital magazines or brochures that behave like actual paper books in only three steps without any programming work! The created flipbook works both online and offline, you can publish it to the web, send via email, burn it onto CD/DVD or USB flash drives, distribute it on machine for exhibition or presentations unlimitedly! – See more at:

Create Media Rich Content 

From InDesign to HTML5 via Flash