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Numbers Spreadsheet APP for Mac

Why do so many startups use Apple iMacs or MacBook Pros?On Excel: Excel is the best tool ever produced by Microsoft (and as pointed out by Nick in the comments below, Excel started initially on Mac). I have a lot of respect for this tool: it can do a lot beyond just spreadsheets, such as database like operations (pivot tables, big data crunching…). However, my point was that the initial needs of my startup were better met by Numbers (due to its superior presentation ability); and in the end, we went for Google spreadsheet, because of its collaborative capabilities coupled with its ability to import data from other spreadsheets (a la OLE/DDE if you remember these things). Of course, Google spreadsheets do not run exclusively on Macs.

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Differences Between Using a Notebook in the Browser and in OneNote

OneNote and OneNote in browser

Differences between using a notebook in the browser and in OneNote: OneNote Online vs. OneNote desktop app.

Microsoft OneNote Online lets you take notes and organize note pages in a web browser. For more advanced editing features, use OneNote Online ‘s Open in OneNote command. When you save the notebook in OneNote, it is saved on the website where you opened it in OneNote Online.

The notebook you open in OneNote Online is the same as the notebook you open in the OneNote desktop app, but some features work differently in the two environments.

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How to Convert Web Pages to PDF

HTML to PDF HTML to PDF Chalk board2


Converting web pages to PDF

Convert web pages to PDF in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox (Windows)

Acrobat installs an Adobe PDF toolbar in Internet Explorer (version 8.0 or later), Google Chrome, and Firefox. Using the commands on this toolbar, you can convert the currently displayed web page to PDF in various ways. For example, you can convert the entire web page or selected areas of it. Or, you can create a PDF or append the converted web page to an existing PDF. The toolbar has additional commands that initiate further actions after conversion, such as attaching the new PDF to a new email message or printing it.

Creating PDF Files from a Web Browser – Video

This WordPress page converted to PDF:  How to Convert Web Pages to PDF _ Free Content Collide.O.Scope (links remain active)

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April 21st is the day when Google changes its algorithm

Mobilizing Your Website

1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results
Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.
2. More relevant app content in search results
Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed.

Finding more mobile-friendly search results

How do I make my site mobile friendly?

My site is hosted on

If you host your site on (e.g., good news!

WordPress automatically presents a mobile-friendly theme for your site depending on your current installed theme and the mobile platform of the visitor. More information can be found WordPress’ mobile theme support page.

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New Vector Creating iOS Device App: Adobe Shape CC

Adobe Shape & Adobe Illustrator Draw

Capture it with your iPhone or iPad and Adobe Shape CC will turn it into vectors

Save it to Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries to use in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, or all-new Illustrator Draw.

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Best Flip Book Software of 2015

Best Flip Book Software


Flip PDF provides a quick and easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning Flash & HTML5 publications that run on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone), with amazing page flip animations and sound! Imagine being able to create digital magazines or brochures that behave like actual paper books in only three steps without any programming work! The created flipbook works both online and offline, you can publish it to the web, send via email, burn it onto CD/DVD or USB flash drives, distribute it on machine for exhibition or presentations unlimitedly! – See more at:

Create Media Rich Content 

From InDesign to HTML5 via Flash

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Hear Your Audience: SpeakPipe

WordPress Plugin: SpeakPipe 


Voice messaging tool for your website, blog or podcast

With SpeakPipe you can receive voice messages from your website visitors, podcast listeners or blog readers without any phone calls. Installing SpeakPipe on a website is easy and takes less than a minute. It’s a great tool for podcasters and bloggers for receiving feedback, comments, ideas, questions and testimonials. It allows you to establish a personal channel with your audience.

Increase interaction with your audience

Add SpeakPipe to your website and visitors will be able to send you voice messages from anywhere on your website by simply clicking on a button. No phone calls are required. You can use a custom button or the SpeakPipe side button. SpeakPipe also provides a hosted voicemail page, so you can receive voice messages without installing anything on your website.

Take a tour

Export SpeakPipe Data to Spreadsheet: Free SpeakPipe app by Reagan Starr

WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows site owners to easily integrate their SpeakPipe code into their WordPress site without having to change any source code or theme files. Please note that all your voice messages and data are stored on, for more information please see our Privacy Policy at

Great tool for a Consulting Business