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Freestyling photography in Montreal/Laval/ Quebec

Fun with photography, capturing your community and family when they least expect it.  Non-edited, right out of camera!

Spa 236
My Happy Feet
Spa 257
Lakeshore Happy Feet 
Spa 608
My Depaneur Guy DAVID: “Couche Tard ” (Convenience Store) in Quebec..
Jess's eye
My Baby Has Blue Eyes (my youngest)
Spa 514
Lakeshore Fishermen in Montreal
Spa 304
Lakeshore Community Dance Class
Stuart Hall FAA3
Pointe Claire Stuart Hall
The Key
Pointe Claire Village
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Book Featuring Vancouver Artists: WeMakeStuff

Why make a book?

There is power in coming together to create something new, something tangible, something you can hold in your hand. For us, the process of making a book with 100 people is more important than the actual product. It is this collaborate creative act that rallies a community, affirms individual artists and ultimately inspires the much wider audience of people who receive the completed book.

When will I get my book?

WeMakeStuff Volume 02 will go to print immediately after our crowdfunding campaign ends, with the books delivered in November of this year, just in time to go under the Christmas tree. There will be a number of pick-up points for the book in the Lower Mainland starting in late November. If you would like your book mailed to you, please ADD SHIPPING by claiming the shipping “perk” and calculating your shipping costs.

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Community Living and Sharing


After living here all my life, I had never been to Centennial Park in the West Island.  My friend recently showed me this little GEM.  The park entrance is nestled inside a residential area and not off the main boulevard.

Pointe Claire, Quebec,  Centennial Park

Park  Centeniel

Met  Peter Jaorszewicz, his photos are displayed  & for sale at   Second Cup on Sources ( 3365 Boulevard des Sources, Montréal, QC H9B 1Z8).


Scenes from Pointe Clarie Village

Basketball hoop Soccer

Peer Sail Boat

Lake Church        Jesus Bless our communities and all the wonderful strangers.  Keep your hearts and mind open, you never know what miracles will unfold.


Thank you Lord for such a lovely day.



Community Consciousness

I thought about my community and environment today.  We don’t have to always think big, little things do add up.

To save on gas I took the ferry home.  Shortly after arriving home, I heard a bell ringing outside, it was my  neighborhood blade sharpening guy. I looked outside and saw few of the ladies already getting knives sharpened, so I decide to join in and had my lawn mower blades balanced and sharpened too.  This reminded me of a time, I can now barely remember, when we had a  milk man dropping off bottles of milk at our front door.  Was it really that long ago ?

At the last minute I asked if I could get my camera and take a photo to share on my blog, the father and daughter duo said “sure” and was also handed a pamphlet with Gaetan’s Facebook address handwritten on it.

That simple connecting felt good in a sweet way.  I helped support a local entrepreneur, who in turn sharpens our blades right at our doorsteps, can’t get better than than.

Gaetan Charles Bouchard



4 Principles of Community Success