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Book Featuring Vancouver Artists: WeMakeStuff

Why make a book?

There is power in coming together to create something new, something tangible, something you can hold in your hand. For us, the process of making a book with 100 people is more important than the actual product. It is this collaborate creative act that rallies a community, affirms individual artists and ultimately inspires the much wider audience of people who receive the completed book.

When will I get my book?

WeMakeStuff Volume 02 will go to print immediately after our crowdfunding campaign ends, with the books delivered in November of this year, just in time to go under the Christmas tree. There will be a number of pick-up points for the book in the Lower Mainland starting in late November. If you would like your book mailed to you, please ADD SHIPPING by claiming the shipping “perk” and calculating your shipping costs.

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Legacy Treasures


Legacy Treasures

I enjoy reading ebooks, but it lacks something tangible.  Today I saw mom’s cookbook sitting on my bookshelf and the memories of her cooking our many meals rushed back, I could almost smell it.  Mom passed away June 2011, but her memories live on.  I decided to take a digital photo and create an image that I could share.  This is my REMIX, taking something old and giving it digital life.  As you can see my mom tried to extend the books life with duck tape :).  Technology has come a long way since the cookbook was published in 1932.

The proverb is of French origin and was used by the French novelist Alphonse Karr (1808-90)



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graduated, so now what?

Katherine Schwarzenegger is only 24 years old and is already a NY Times best-selling author. Now she’s released her second book, “I Just Graduated…Now What?: Honest Answers From Those Who Have Been There.”  She also just so happens to be the daughter of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

When Katherine graduated from USC in 2012, she was frustrated because she wasn’t sure her next steps were. She realized that many of her fellow graduates felt similarly, so she decided to get advice on the subject. She interviewed 30 successful celebrities about their lives — after college graduation.

I wish I had read a book like this, maybe I would have been an author of books, instead of manuals !

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Pre-Google Britannica


Encyclopedia Britannica TODAY, time to click the links below !

“Your chance to have stories, photos, and videos that inspire you featured on”

Words to Expand Our Vocabularies   “Though there is no exact count of words in the English language, estimates approach the 1 million mark. The wisdom behind words is endless. What strange or obscure word should augment our vocabularies? Send us the word and its definition. We plan to create a slideshow on”

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Using Adobe InDesign to Create eBooks

Using Adobe InDesign to Create eBooks                      (Part 1, 2, 3)

Linear flow and built-in intelligence in Adobe InDesign to export to the Digital Edition (free ePub reader).  Caliber (Free) required to convert ePub to a mobi format for the Kindle reader.

  1.   4.09 mins
  2.  13mins
  3.  13 mins