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Best Flip Book Software of 2015

Best Flip Book Software


Flip PDF provides a quick and easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning Flash & HTML5 publications that run on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone), with amazing page flip animations and sound! Imagine being able to create digital magazines or brochures that behave like actual paper books in only three steps without any programming work! The created flipbook works both online and offline, you can publish it to the web, send via email, burn it onto CD/DVD or USB flash drives, distribute it on machine for exhibition or presentations unlimitedly! – See more at:

Create Media Rich Content 

From InDesign to HTML5 via Flash

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Hear Your Audience: SpeakPipe

WordPress Plugin: SpeakPipe 


Voice messaging tool for your website, blog or podcast

With SpeakPipe you can receive voice messages from your website visitors, podcast listeners or blog readers without any phone calls. Installing SpeakPipe on a website is easy and takes less than a minute. It’s a great tool for podcasters and bloggers for receiving feedback, comments, ideas, questions and testimonials. It allows you to establish a personal channel with your audience.

Increase interaction with your audience

Add SpeakPipe to your website and visitors will be able to send you voice messages from anywhere on your website by simply clicking on a button. No phone calls are required. You can use a custom button or the SpeakPipe side button. SpeakPipe also provides a hosted voicemail page, so you can receive voice messages without installing anything on your website.

Take a tour

Export SpeakPipe Data to Spreadsheet: Free SpeakPipe app by Reagan Starr

WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows site owners to easily integrate their SpeakPipe code into their WordPress site without having to change any source code or theme files. Please note that all your voice messages and data are stored on, for more information please see our Privacy Policy at

Great tool for a Consulting Business

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Quebec Podcast Show & Internet Radio Solution:

Radio Solution


Radiosolution started out as an Internet Hosting Company. It was founded in 1997 by radio hobbyist and enthusiast Derek Bullard. Over the next few years we decided to become more unique than a simple `hosting company’ as competition grew fast in this industry. We began to gain plenty of expertise in SHOUTcast streaming and decided to specialize in hosting this technology. Today we offer top-notch internet music streaming to thousands of listeners 24 hours a day! In other words; we are a high quality and reliable SHOUTcast provider.

Shoutcast Streaming, Audio Production, Internet Radio, Auto DJ, Legal Canadian Broadcasting, Web hosting/ web designFor more info email :


Sound Mixing and FX, Music Mixing, Radio Station imaging and dj imaging, script writing and a wide variety of Voice Over services.
Contact us for radio internet shoutcast streaming services.

List of Internet radio stations

Name Dibblebee,  Nickname (Dibblebee)

Podcasting 101

To get started you only need:

  • A microphone (and cable)
  • Pair of headphones
  • Recording software
  • mixing board (optional, gives more control over sound and you can have more than one microphone)

Podcast Hosting:

  1. Libsyn ($5/month & up to 100MB of new content per month with unlimited downloads)
  2. Podango ( Free but tacks short ads onto the start and end of each of your shows)
  3. Ourmedia
  4. Internet Archive
  5. Buzzsprout

What makes a podcast a podcast, and not just a set of media files available for download, is the feed. Software like iTunes can subscribe to your feed and automatically download new episodes of your show.

Podcast Software:


“Audacity and Wild Voice Studio, both offer free podcast recording program downloads. With an inexpensive microphone, a free download and a bit of time, you will be on your way to publishing downloadable podcasts on the Internet.”

Read more:

“Good podcast software allows you to:

  • Record – Most podcast software can record from a variety of sources including a microphone, from a CD or directly from the computer’s sound card. Some can even record both sides of a VoIP conversation.
  • Edit – The best podcast software include audio editors, so you can mix tracks, cut segments of audio, add effects, convert formats and much more.
  • Publish – Publishing is what sets podcast software apart from a typical audio editor. Podcast software can help you add tags and descriptions and post to your blog, website or to a podcast directory.”

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