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Differences between Google+ profiles and pages

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About Google+ Pages

Google+ Pages provides businesses, products, brands, and organizations with a public identity and presence on Google+. Pages can currently be created for one of five categories to help guide you when signing up:

Differences between Google+ profiles and pages

There are two types of Google identities:

  • Google+ profiles represent individuals.
  • Google+ pages generally represent entities like brands, businesses, or organizations; they can also represent celebrities, individual personas, or pseudonyms. They’re often managed by multiple people.

There are several differences between Google+ profiles and pages and what happens when you connect them to a YouTube channel:

Introduction to Google+

Google+: +1 across the web

How To Use Google’s Newest Tool For Your Local Business

by Chris Marentis

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White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Technique


White Hat SEO techniques (ethical SEO) include:

  • using keywords
  • keyword analysis
  • backlinking
  • link building to improve link popularity
  • writing content for human readers.

Black Hat SEO techniques (unethical SEO )  include:

  • keyword stuffing
  • invisible text
  • doorway pages
  • adding unrelated keywords to the page content or page swapping
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Just One More Shameless FREE Promotion for Today

I’m enjoying reading all about you creatives on WordPress, this for me has been more of a WORLDPress. To all the creatives far and wide, BRAVO (a little French)   I ‘m new to WordPress, just graduated.  My skills and background has fast tracked me from the Intranet (Work) to the Internet (World), nice change of scenery.  I like change, especially when it’s for the better, I have no issues with Charles Darwin’s theory of change.  This blog has been an organic experience, “at first I was afraid, I was petrified” ! a song by ________? I have come to love WordPress, Google and the PANDA, we like real relevant content, which brings me to Craig Lumen from the UK, one of my new followers.  He can craft characters, who would have thought ! Love the JOKER, great Hook.

“Craig Lumen has worked as a script analyst and script editor but now focuses on writing scripts for film and television.

There are three things your script needs: Theme, Emotional resonance and Entertainment. Your audience will extract the theme without even realising (leaving the UK spelling) 😉 this is what will give the film meaning for them. What is your story actually about when you distil it down to its purest essence? Examples of some common themes are:  The loss of innocence.  Triumph over adversity. The fragility of relationships. Love conquers all.”

A great resource if you want to go from blogging to beyond. Life is all about levels, lets step it up !

I hope this is worth a few LIKES for Craig Lumen, a fellow WordPress creative blogger 🙂