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Saving Voicemails Permanently

Option A


Option B (DIY):

  1. Play the voicemail on speakerphone and record it using some sort of external device.
  2. Plug an audio cable between the phone jack and a tape recorder or even a soundcard on your pc and record it. most windows pc have a sound recorder program to save it digitally as a .wave file.
  3. If your account has Home and Away voicemail active for your home phone, you can try to listen to the voicemail and email it to yourself.


Save & Export iPhone Voicemail to Your Mac or PC


Whether it’s the first voice recording you have of your toddler, the last message from a passed loved one, or important for legal purposes, in many cases, your iPhone voicemail is the most important and precious data on your iPhone. We know that your voicemails are important to you and that’s why we made iExplorer the best utility for exporting, backing up or saving your iPhone voicemails to your PC or Mac computer.

The Free Way to Save iPhone Voicemails on Your Mac

Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.

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