World’s Largest Independent Travel Publisher: Matador


Matador is the world’s largest independent travel publisher, with over 12 million unique monthly visitors. Since 2006, we’ve redefined travel media by developing a global network of editors, writers, photographers, and filmmakers who’ve won numerous awards and pushed the limits of what’s possible as freelance travel storytellers.

Putting the latest photography, drone, and video technology in the hands of visionary travel filmmakers, Matador brings diverse stories and perspectives on culture, geography, and place to our audience in mind-blowing, cinema-quality HD.

MatadorU is our education community, where we work with thousands of students, freelancers, and creatives, offer college-level writing, photography, and filmmaking programs, and engage students from over 50 countries in our latest projects, assignments, and publishing opportunities.

Our passion for innovative, socially relevant, and spectacular content has made Matador the fastest-growing travel lifestyle brand on the Internet and inspired partnerships with dozens of the world’s biggest brands (Visa, Intel, General Motors) and dozens of leading DMOs/destinations (100% Pure New Zealand, Canadian Tourism, Brand USA, Visit California).

With an unquenchable curiosity for the world and people around us, Matador is creating the travel network of the future.




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