The Laurentian Mountains in Quebec

The Laurentians or Les Laurentides




The 15th administrative region of Quebec, the Laurentians or Laurentides in French, has a land area of 21,180Km2 and ranks 4th in Quebec, in terms of population. The Laurentians has three geographical territories and eight MRCs (municipalité régionale de comté) or RCMs (regional county municipalities). In 2001, only 8 of 86 regional municipalities, excluding the 2 Indian reserves and 11 unorganized territories, contained fewer than 500 persons. Twenty-seven cities had more than 5000 inhabitants, including six with over 20 000 inhabitants, namely, St-Eustache, Blainville, Mirabel, Boisbriand, Saint-Jérôme and Ste-Thérèse. In 2001, the RCMs of Thérèse-de-Blainville and La Rivière-du-Nord alone encompassed nearly 48 percent of the regional population. It is defined as the northern “crown” of Montréal and is included in the Montréal census metropolitan area.

Laurentian Gateway or Lower Laurentians
MRC of Deux-Montagnes
MRC of Thèrese-De Blainville
MRC of Mirabel
MRC of Argenteuil
Laurentian Heartland
MRC Reivière-du-Nord
MRC Laurentides
MRC Pays-d’en-Haut
Upper Laurentians.
MRC Antoine-Labelle

The Laurentians are ancient mountains covered by vast stretches of forest and dotted with thousands of lakes that have always attracted people who appreciate the splendour of the scenery and the variety of sports and outdoor activities for every season

The Laurentians is a world renowned four-season tourist destination located north of Montreal. Quebeckers use a popular slang when talking about the Laurentians; they’re “going up North”. The territory spans South to North from Rivière des Mille-Iles to the huge territory north of Mont-Laurier and East to West, from the borderline of the Lanaudiere region to the boundaries of the Outaouais region.

A destination of choice for vacationers in the Montreal area, it is no wonder many Laurentian aficionados set up a secondary home here. No one is short-changed: nature, unique attractions, various activities, something for everyone season after season. Mont Tremblant Ski resort, a world class four-season destination, is ranked the number one resort in Eastern North America.

The Laurentians has something to offer everyone: culture and heritage, agricultural tourism, fine dining, spas and health centres, parks and reserves, aqua parks, the longest linear park for cyclists, fourteen downhill ski centres and many golf courses. You can delve into olden-day architecture, art galleries, antiques, and see summer theatres or you can cycle, golf, fish, alpine ski, snowshoe, dog sled, depending on the seasons.

Heritage and history of the Laurentians are shaped by the courageous pioneers, Amerindians, French, Irish and Scots and experienced remarkable developments from the days of the first settlers to the arrival of the worldwide tourists. Today the region is one of Quebec’s leading holiday destinations and home to many.


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