Poem: Achieving excellence what is the relevance?


Achieving excellence what is the relevance?

Obesity is now our new travesty.

Those with no rhythm try to steal our time.

As a token they collect spirits they have broken.

Are we slave to our wage, let’s turn that page.


My mind’s propulsion is fueled by a writing compulsion.

My mission is to seek a newly created vision.

Reality shifting and changing, so let’s begin rearranging.

Is there danger if you smile at a stranger?

Has my voice been taken, or has it just been shaken?


Is the pen mightier than the sword or do I have to pray to our LORD?

I cannot sing it, but I can try to wing it.

All is not forsaken; we just need to be awakened.

The tides cannot be held, but they sure can be felt.

Seek sustenance with more relevance.


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