Will I SEE YOU ?



Will I SEE YOU ?

Today time had no relevance, only showed me its benevolence.
I was staring at death and was it taking its last breath?
Are my poems only a sign of my unrelenting omens?
Whether it was day or night, no one could sense my plight.

Locked in a moment, trapped for all eternity, staring at only an uncertainty.
My mind and heart battled and they both felt so moved apart.
One facing the reality, while the other facing the gravity.
Now when I hear come to the ICU, my heart only hears will I see you?

Looking at my mother’s baseline, my heart only wondering OMG how much time!
Time stopped, raced and played its tricks and it ended with one huge embrace.
Now when I think of time, it has become somewhat more sublime.
Time is a reminder of our displacement and whispering there can be no replacement.


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