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PDF for long-term archiving: PDF/A

PDF/A: The digital document archiving standard
PDF/A stands for PDF for Archiving. It is one set of standards among a larger suite of PDF-based standards managed by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. As its name suggests, it was developed to enable long-term preservation of electronic documents. It provides specifications for the creation, viewing, and printing of PDF documents with the intent of preserving final documents of record as self-contained
documents. The standard does not define an archiving strategy or the goals of an archiving system. Instead, it identifies a “profile” for a PDF file that makes it possible to reproduce the visual appearance of the document the exact same way in years to come. This profile specifies what must be included the file, while prohibiting features that are not suited for long-term archiving.

Read more:  Making the case for PDF/A and Adobe® Acrobat®


PDF/A LuraTech_Anzeige_BIT2013.indd PDFA-creation



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