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No Toner, No Ink & RGB Printing: LumeJet S200

Ultra High Resolution 

LumeJet is a UK digital print innovator, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of ultra high resolution printers for use in production environments.

LumeJet is a UK-based technology innovator with extensive expertise in photonic (light-based) imaging systems. We’ve developed a unique, patented LumeJet Digital Print Head (DPH) which has diverse applications ranging from photo and repro printing, inkless printing and packaging, to patterning for printed circuit boards/photo resist and printed logic and large-area organic electronics.
Our first commercial product, the LumeJet S200, prints with light within the visible spectrum (RGB) onto standard photographic paper to achieve ultra high resolution prints, combining true contone photo quality with legible text and fine line art graphics.

LumeJet200 LumeJet-v-Inkjet


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