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10 Pre-Press Tips for Success


It has been estimated that approximately 60 – 70% of all customer files have issues that can cause pre-press or press delays. Here are ten short tips that will help you efficiently send your files to the printer and through their system with speed and success. These tips are compatible with both Mac’s and PC’s.

  1. Software: make sure your printer is using the same version of the same software as you are.
  2. Specify the right Color Settings, this will include your paper profile.
  3. Save a duplicate image and convert the duplicate image to CYMK.  Do a side by side comparison and make any  adjusts to match your CYMK  to your RBG image.
  4. Fonts: Opentype, Truetype and Postscript .  Adobe Opentype fonts works on both PC and Mac easily. You can embed fonts and make it a graphic vector file. Packaging an InDesign document can provide a means of moving fonts with the document, albeit as separate files in the package (of course, limited to your licensing rights to those fonts). You can also convert text to outlines in special cases.
  5. Resolution: 300 DPI is the standard. Do not scale up photo images without using a special software.
  6. Spot Colors: makes sure you specify your Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors.
  7. Include any bleed and crop marks.
  8. Trappings: let the print shop do it.
  9. Preflight your document: provide Separation Proofs.
  10. The Proof: verify the Printer’s Proof before you sign off.

Color SettingFontsPrint PresetScan Bit Map


10 reasons why you should preflight PDF files

But why do you need to preflight a PDF file?
They look mighty good on screen and you can print it on your $ 200 printer, why can’t it be printed on a $300,000 press? And who pays for reprints?

Many errors that are detected by PDF preflight software, can’t be detected in any other way. And those errors do create trouble afterwards!

International Color Consortium (ICC)

Font Tips:



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