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Montreal Shoe Artist: Anastasia Radevich

Combining Art, Craft & Technology

Fiber Optic Illuminated Heels
Fiber Optic Illuminated Heels


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Anastasia Radevich’s shoe sense

The Canadian designer’s creations are much admired for their originality and experimentation

Just talking about shoes is quite inadequate in this case, because the creations of Anastasia Radevich (Canadian designer of Belarus origin) resemble architectural elements, sculptures, jewelry, and sometimes even fantasy creatures.

Keep your eye on Anastasia because she is definitely destined to make a name for herself in the fashion world. Sponsored by Foundation de la Mode in Montreal, Anastasia received a diploma in Footwear Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion, where she studied the history of the most important labels and where she stood out for her brilliant talent. Afterwards, she started working with Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood.

Her first signature collection, which made its debut in June 2009 and was called “Biofuture“, featured elements inspired by nature such as fur, heels that resembled bones, and curvy lines like nerves which were combined with plastic bows and futuristic structures. Her latest collection “Kinetik” presents graphic stiletto heels, metallic or three-dimensional surfaces, and sparkling crystals like flashes of energy for stylish creations bordering on art.


– See more at: www.vogue


Anastasia RadevichMontreal Shoe Designer

Of Belarus origin she lives and crafts in Montreal, Canada. Having a distinction diploma from London College of Fashion in footwear design under her belt, she has spent a few years deepening into essence of technical design and art of the shoemaking at such creativity hubs as Alexander McQueen, Nicholas Kirkwood and Bolongaro Trevor (Creators of All Saints).

Among the knowledge Anastasia attained was also appreciation of the value of free unobstructed expression and creativity which is often uneasy in our profit driven society. This is when she has challenged herself to become not just a designer but a footwear artist and began exploring shoes as a medium. Shoes are her canvas where Anastasia combines art, craft and technology to relay a message, a story or a statement. She is morphing her inner world, inspiration and energy into a sculpture of a pump, open-toe or a boot.

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