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I “Chisel”-ed a Coon Quote

Coon QuoteChiselI stumbled upon Chisel, another free online quote tool.  Found via …….

17 Online Photo Editors to Create Beautiful Visual Quotes

Online Photo Editors to create quotes

I’ve played with a few of the 17 Online Photo Editors,  each have their own  “Bells and Whistles”.

  1. Quozio:  You add quote text to their images.  You can’t download to your quote to your PC.  Quoizo will share with Pinterest, Facebook, Tweeter  and Google+.
  2. Pinstamatic:  Use Pinstamatic To Pin Text, Music, Websites & Locations To Pinterest. You are able to upload your own image and share to Pinterest and Twitter.
  3. Chisel:  You can upload your own images or use theirs.   You can’t download  your masterpiece to your PC. Chisel will share with Pinterest, Facebook, Tweeter  and Tumblr.
  4. PicMonkey: You can design, edit, add filters, frames, text, and effects and create collages. You can upload your images and also down load your masterpiece to your PC.  PicMonkey will share with Pinterest, Facebook, Tweeter, Flickr, We Heard It, Tumblr and also send by email.
Pinstamatic Resources:

Today Pinstamatic was offline and that is how I stumbled upon Chisel.

Before getting started with Pinstamatic, you should know that it’s still a work in progress, and at the time of this writing has two different designs: the old one and the new one. The old one, being the veteran, is bug-free and more responsive. The new look, on the other hand, is much more appealing, but is still a little bit buggy. Officially, Pinstamatic is still using the old version, but the new one will take over sometime in the future.

In the meantime, for an overall better experience, I recommend using the new version of the website. The bugs I encountered were mainly visual, and had no real effect on the actual pinning. Most screenshots in this article are taken from the new design.

Using Pinstamatic, you can pin a website, a sticky note, text & quotes,  a Spotify track, a Twitter account, a date or a location. More features such as photo filters will be added soon.

Final Thoughts

Pinstamatic is in no way perfect yet, and some customizing options are certainly in order. The ability to decide which part of a website to pin, or to have more control over the appearance of the pins would be welcome, but even as it is, it’s a really great idea that can magically add some life to a stale Pinterest presence, or inspire any bored Pinterest user.


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