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The Story Tellers: Grandparents


Grandma’s Photo Story

One of many stories …

The “parents” are my grandparents with their five sons. My father is the one with curls and a white dress!! sitting by his mothers knee. The baby is my uncle Arthur, next to my father is my uncle Bruce and uncle Bert and uncle Harry are behind.
Arthur became a pharmacist and had three children, Dad ,Bruce and Bert were ship repairers and engineers and took over my grandfathers business. He had started out as a blacksmith. Harry became a tax inspector for the inland revenue.
Bruce had one son, George, who was a biochemist with Unilever, Bert had a son Ronald, a manager of a London Woolworths and A daughter Beryl who married Reg Williams and moved to Australia. Reg was an aircraft navigator during the war and was shot down and was missing for months. He had had a very serious head injury and burns but recovered and returned home after the war.
Harry had one son David, who was a professional singer and eventually became Prof of music at Adelade University.
My maiden name was Galliver and you can look him up on the web as you can my brother, Robert Henry Lewis Galliver
I think my g’parents lived in either Port Talbot or Cardiff when this photo was taken, they lived in Port Talbotwhere  grandpa built two houses and its where my Dad grew up. We also lived in Port Talbot. Later when they retired G’pa built a house in a seaside town close by, Porthcawl, where my parents also retired to, in fact Dad and Mum lived next door to Bruce and Bert lived next door to them. So there were 3 Gallivers in a row! ( that was after my g’parents had died)”

Picture of Family Croped

Grandma’s house ( Leicester, England).



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