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I met the owner Nouveau Palais.  Food trucks are becoming part of the Montreal scene. I was curious and asked a few questions.  Currently there are 30 trucks that provide lunch food service in Montreal.  Food trucks can also be booked for company or private events.

If you can’t get to a restaurant, let the restaurant come to you.

Bon Appétit

Nouveau Palais

The Winneburger is an 80′s recreational vehicle transformed into a travelling commercial kitchen. Administered by the Nouveau Palais, the Winneburger was revamped with the same spirit as that used for the restaurant, blending the old with the new, aiming to preserve the style and decorum of another era.

The Winneburger offers simple, fresh and affordable food.

Menu options are carefully chosen and always include a vegetarian option. Our desire is to offer food that people love and recognize.

Quality, freshness and cooking standards are our main priority. That’s why we can offer the same tasty experience at every visit.

Our hamburger already has an excellent reputation in the city.

The truck’s menu includes a double cheeseburger, a hamburger with mushrooms, as well as home-made kettle type potato chips, prepared by a small New Brunswick company. Drinks offered vary from fresh lemonade and iced tea, as well as the very popular “Arnold Palmer”, a half and half lemonade and iced tea mix! This summer, we are proud to introduce a new member to the NP family : the home-made milk-shake! The desire to make the Nouveau Palais a culinary experience as well as social gathering has made the restaurant into a staple in the Mile-End community. Following these ideals, the Winneburger will roam the streets of Montreal, perpetuating the desire to bring together people from all communities around a delicious burger.

Nouveau Palais BCardNouveau Palais

Québec Street Food Association

Street food is a unique culinary adventure, distinct from traditional restaurant fare. As experience has shown in several large cities across the world, street food is also a vibrant showcase for the many talents and flavours emerging from the kitchens and restaurants of Montreal and other neighbouring cities.

We believe street food enriches urban life by allowing city dwellers to occupy public spaces while feasting on succulent dishes. When cruising the streets and neighbourhoods of our cities, street food restaurant owners give locals and tourists a glimpse of Montreal’s and Québec’s culinary scene: innovative, talented, inspired, creative and deliciously cosmopolitan. Street food operators have direct contact with the public and gastronomy becomes accessible to everyone.



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