Google SEO

Face Your Fears

Great SEO summary and explanation, it describes the 7 main SEO components.

Face Your Fears.

 +  My Two Cents


FYI, Cnd. penny is now phased out, but 2 billion of them are still floating around. 

Note: if you don’t know what HTML looks like? simply right click and select: view page source.

veiw page sourceright click selectionpage source  viola HTML code

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code is your internet browser’s language and the output is what you see.  This is why selecting optimal keywords for your content is important, Googlebots crawl your HTML page and not your “web browser’s page”.  Like your car, it’s important to look under the hood once in awhile 🙂 

What is a responsive website? It’s one where the text reflows according to the device reading it, something like what e-pub does for books.  Here is a simple test using your PC, select the restore down button and if the text doesn’t reflow, it’s not responsive.

I choose a responsive WordPress theme, can you tell???? 🙂

ResponsiveThe Twenty Fourteen Theme



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