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Montreal startup’s ‘hackable’ lamp blows up on Kickstarter

Fabule Fabrications Inc.

Amanda Williams is an interactive designer and co-founder of Fabule Fabrications, along with her partner Bruno Nadeau. Recently, the Montreal-based company’s ‘expressive lamp,’ named Clyde, raised nearly $150,000 on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, nearly triple the funds they asked for.

Summary of activities
Founded by two designers, Fabule makes unique domestic devices with a lot of personality. We are committed to creating smart, expressive, and connected products that make you feel smart. You can easily open, upgrade, tinker with or repair anything we design, and make it truly yours.

Main customers                                                                                               Our customers come to us through Kickstarter, direct sales from our website, and through online distributors such as Grand St. They are principally design enthusiasts, programmers, and parents looking for tech projects to do with their children. (Love this idea)


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