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Bike Tour de Quebec

Chambly Canal Bike Trail: La Route Verte

From Chambly to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.


Chambly is a city in southwestern Quebec, Canada, about 25 km to the south east of Montreal. It was formed from the merger in 1965 of Fort-Chambly and the old city of Chambly. Wikipedia


No bike, no problem, bring camera instead.


Fort Chambly is a historic fort in La Vallée-du-Richelieu Regional County Municipality, Quebec. The fort is designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. Fort Richelieu was part of a series of five forts built along the Richelieu River. Wikipedia

Exterior Photo Exposition Exposition

PhotosPhoto Flying


Retired old Fryer dam, built in 1937.Fryer DamnFryer

Fryer Dam 2


View from under the bridge.Bridge

A Chambly love storyLove StoryFamily

The Chambly Canal, which opened
along the Richelieu in 1843, played a
leading role in the Quebec forest product
industry and in shipping these products
to the burgeoning United States market.
For over a century, heavily loaded
barges travelled the Canal, a distance
of about 20 km
Cycled along the canalCanal
American boaters from Lake Champlain via the Chambly Canal.

Made it to to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it did my body and mind GOOD.  The young man below even took a dip in the river.

.St Jean


Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, commonly abbreviated as SJR, is a city in eastern Montérégie in the province of Quebec, Canada about 50 kilometres southeast of Montreal. Wikipedia

This canal is made for bikes, read more:

HISTORY: Scanned copies dating back to 1957.

Letter to the editor: The News and EasternTownship Advocate- Apr 4, 1957,84219


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