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Made in Quebec: UnikCase for your mobile device.

I’m giving a shout out to a Quebec business that might not find its way to the English speakers.  I’m being a Social Entrepreneur and promoting my local businesses and providing a bit of translation in this blog post. Found another use for (photo editor)  ! UnikCase1 Made in Quebec: UnikCase for your mobile device. Own a unique cell phone or iPad case, simply upload your photo or image to the website and order your custom made case. Company discounts applied to larger orders. Créer votre étui  = create your case/cover.  Upload image to: Translated Contact us, we love to give away free cases. Create a custom case! iPhone, Samsung, iPad, and +! Made in Quebec City! We offer special business discounts! Our covers are hand made right here in Quebec.  We make cases for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Samsung mobile devices. Our UnikCase warehouse is never filled with prefabricated cases, but with custom designs with your specifications. With each iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Samsung Unikcase you get the right balance between protection and style. We hope that your case is simply ‘UNIK’, just as you are. Our cases are made for you. 710 Rue Bouvier Local #125,  G2J 1C2, Quebec, Quebec, Canada,    Vente/ Sales : (418) 614-1449

YouTube Review

UnikCase is located in Quebec City, QC, Canada.


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