Montreal, YouTube Videos

“Direction Unknown”

Montreal filmmaker turns his lens on employment -Un cinéaste montréalais braque son objectif sur la question de l’emploi

$35,820CAD  RAISED OF $35,000 GOAL

I am so happy he raised the funds required to make his movie.  Bon Voyage and Happy Hitch Hiking ! 🙂  PS don’t accept candies from strangers.

9796444Paul van den Boom


“I’ll be going to places like Spain and Greece, where the economy is so bad, and unemployment so high, that people aren’t thinking about their dream job or career,” van den Boom said. “They want any job. Here and in other western countries, people are soul-searching, thinking about their ideal career; maybe we’ve gone over the top.”

“I started talking with friends, and a lot of people are thinking of or being forced to change careers,” he said. “I started doing research and the statistics blew me away. People 45 years old and younger change careers three to seven times in their lifetime. In the western world, 25 per cent of the workforce is freelance, and that’s expected to build to 72 per cent in the next 20 years. So the whole notion of steady jobs with benefits is going to disappear for most people.”

“I grew up in the Netherlands,” he said. “I was hitchhiking at age 14. It was so exciting. I never knew who I would meet, or what adventures I would have. It was the best feeling I could get at the time. Now, with a lot of uncertainty in my life, I feel I have to go back to that other uncertainty, which gave me such a sense of freedom.”


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