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A Father’s Day Tribute

First there was a Mother’s Day poem, now there’s a  Father’s Day poem.

Lyn Martin honoring her parents in heaven.

Lyn's Dad2

Olive Grace Tanner Page


Happy Father’s Day Dad,

I wish Heaven had a phone, just one direct line,
To hear your voice, as I celebrate you one more time,
I’ll close my eyes, until I see your smiling face,
I feel the warmth and love, time hasn’t erased.

I sit quietly and remember this day from the past,
Big sunny days of June are here at long last.
After the Sunday routine, the fun would begin,
Board games galore, or maybe a card game of gin.

We would clean your car, top to bottom, inside and out,
and hung a green pine tree from the mirror no doubt.
Ice cream for all, and a Sunday drive in the country for us,
Take in the beauty of nature, sing-a-longs, Family time to discuss.

The sparkle in your eyes, your smile filled with pleasure,
As I give to you another, of my school made treasures.
You loved it, it was the best, and you praised my skills.
Your arms wide open, your hugs and kisses at free will.

The BBQ’s you made, each one better than the last,
You would sing and play your guitar, we all had a blast.
Finish the celebration off with cake and ice cream too,
The Father’s Days I remember were all about loving you.

Those days are long gone, and so much has changed,
I celebrate it too now Dad, as what’s his name is estranged.
Oops, now that’s another story, another time I’ll share,
I really wish there was a way you could get internet up there.

This idle celebration in my mind, if the truth must be told,
this one being the 28th Father’s Day, it’s way beyond old,
I wish I could celebrate you just one more time, like I use to do,
You were a One in a Million Dad, Happy Father’s Day, I love you

      By Lyn Martin



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