Google+ Stories and Movies: memories made easier

“Travelogues are fun to look at but a pain to create. Especially, if you have carried back tons of vacation photos and videos. Google has launched Google+ Stories as part of Google+ that automatically stitches your photos, videos and the places you visited into an easily viewable travel slideshow. Google+ Stories will get to work when you return from your vacation and also include your location history and the geotags in photos to help you, family, and friends travel through the enjoyable experiences again.

Google+ Stories is being rolled out to the Web and Android, with the iOS version coming soon. Catch a glimpse of what’s it about, through some of the stories Google has posted on its blog — paraglider Tom de Dorlodot, DJ Steve Aoki and Allrecipes photographer Angela Sackett.

Google+ Stories and Movies are part of the improvements to Google+ and its mobile apps. All you have to do is keep all your photos and videos backed up on Google+. The features will go to work in the background. A notification will tell you when your “travel” scrapbook and “movie” are ready. All stories are private by default, but you can change the share settings later.

The features are new and thus seem very basic. A digital multimedia scrapbook needs a spit and polish…and hopefully that will come in the next versions. For now, you can use them straightaway after a vacation to share your travel stories quickly instead of sifting through the many photos on your memory card.  Source: Google Blog

Turn Auto Backup on or off : Automatically back up your photos and videos to Google+ by turning on Auto Backup. This can include photos you take with your device’s camera, photos you download onto your phone or computer, and photos saved by other apps. You’ll also get access to cool features like Auto AwesomeAuto Enhancephoto editor, and unlimited standard-size backups.

Google+ Auto Backup for desktop: It’s now easier than ever to backup all your photos with Google+ Auto Backup, available for Windows and Mac. Automatically sync photos from your desktop computer and any time you connect a phone, camera, or storage card to Google+.

Back up your cameras, phones, & storage cards: If you choose to sync your phone, camera, or storage cards in the set up, then every time you connect them to your computer the photos and videos on them will automatically sync (after prompting you the first time). You can change these settings any time in your Auto Backup Preferences. How much does this cost? You can back up an unlimited number of standard size photos & videos for free. Auto Backup is set to back up at full size by default.”
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