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100 Top Bloggers from Down Under

In my internet surfing, one click led to another, until I found something worth sharing.

This find took me 5 clicks:

  3.  (Amber Avines)

I’ve never been to Australia, but it’s on my bucket list; I need to prepare myself mentally for such a long flight.  I still remember the endurance it took to travel 24 hours from Montreal to Dubia, via London, with 2 young kids.

The web article : “Top 100 Business Bloggers In Australia and Beyond…” didn’t take me on a scenic tour of Australia but an economic one. Do you know why their economy is robust? well it’s because…” Their time zone is in sync with Asia not the EU or the Americas but they and the New Zealanders speak English.”

This post goes out to……..

Who is asking the herself the same questions I am:  “What are your blogging goals? Why do you blog? Do you have some image in mind of a place where you want your blog to be? Perhaps in terms of followers, comments, content? What are you working towards with your blog?”

I like her remix 🙂

Jodie Llewellyn has generously provided a platform for other aspiring writers ” It’s time for Shameless Self-Promotion for writers, PART TWO!”

“So… this is a free for all post. Leave a comment and say whatever you want to say. Promote your book, call people to your blog, leave an inspirational quote, have a rant… whatever!

This blog has around 3,500 followers , so lets share our work, show everyone what we’ve been up to and just generally talk about this wonderful thing we call writing.”

She’s also looking for a mentor and we all need one, so where are they?…… Online like the rest of us!

Neil R Bell-Shaw has an amazing story and he made me understand that  “STYLE IS KING“.  I found his website filled with great insight:


“This blog and website exist to promote my work: to give you an idea of how I write and what I write.  To make that a little more interesting I also blog about writing in general, technology that helps with the writing process and how I overcome my dyslexia when writing. ”

In conclusion, I would like to see Jodie become one of the top bloggers in Austrailia !


  1.  I recommend creating a Google + Page, it’s easy if you already have a Gmail account.  Google + Page will has an abundance of online searchable communities.  Find your tribe !
  2. Once you have your Google + Page created you can post to it via WordPress (Dashboard/Settings/Sharing).

Google + page :


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