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Adobe InDesign Free Software Alternatives.

Adobe InDesign Free Software Alternatives.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is viewed using Acrobat on your PC.  The PDF format does not convert easily for web viewing and text is not reflowable, meaning it does not adapt well to various sized devices and displays (mobiles & tablets)

  • EPUB 2 Go is an online conversion system that takes PDF files from your computer and creates an EPUB document.
  • Sigil is an product that works on multiple operating platforms. It is aWYSIWYG editor that allows you to adjust the source content and change code
  • ECub is a work-in-process by software architect Julian Smart. This platform will convert files to both EPUB and MobiPocket formats. ECub imports text and XHTML files then builds an EPUB document from them. Software is free to use, but may still have some bugs. ECub works on Windows, Macintosh (OS X), and Linux.

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